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[sticky post] HI!

This is my J-journal.

Where the J doesn't stand so much for "Japanese" as for "Johnny's".
(and the U stands for ULTRA)

See yamppi and jankensuru for subs.

Shabekuri 007

I've decided to start posting these here.

Things to note before taking:

  • I can't upload any earlier episodes. If it hasn't already been posted and it's older than a week, it's not going to get posted.

  • I'm taking these straight from GYAO! meaning:

    1. These are ripped from an official site, so they're not exactly the same as the TV version.

    2. The screen goes white for a second or two whenever there would have been ads.

    3. There won't be any episodes with Johnny's in them. (Or at least, I've never seen them posted.)

  • I might one day stop posting these without warning.

  • Mirrors are welcome. I'm not archiving these on my hard drive, so once they're gone, they're gone.

  • You have blanket permission to use without credit as long as you aren't making a profit.

  • Letting me know if you use these would be nice.

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And, I know it doesn't really mean anything, but this:
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Isn't the first time this has happened...GTOCollapse )

(I couldn't be bothered finding pictures that would make it more obvious, but yeah...)


A.k.a. I'm finally up to date with posting these to yankeeroad after my trip to Japan so here is a random selection of bits from BOYSANDMEN's late-night useless English show.

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So I started a new tumblr... It basically looks like this:

It's https://shohoku4eva.tumblr.com and you can submit stuff too, if you want.

Does anyone play UltraStar?

I was going to bore you with the story of how I got into playing UltraStar, but I like to keep my posts here short.

The short version is: Do you play UltraStar (or any of its variants)? Have you ever thought about making songs for it?

What's your favourite song to sing? (I have a personal preference for either Sorafune or Love You Only by TOKIO-san.)

I love these guys...

So, after watching the clip that annabloem subbed of Momm!!, I went back and watched the whole episode with Sexy Zone from back in December.

It's Christmas themed, so the subtitle with their names also includes their favourite Christmas songs. The elder three go with (what I'm assuming are) classic Japanese Christmas songs. (I'm way too lazy to actually look them up and I already know Christmas Eve is.)

Sou & Marius make choices befitting being the younger two.

Sou picks "All I Want For Christmas Is You", which, yeah, okay. But not the Mariah Carey version. The Justin Bieber version.

And Marius picks "Baby, It's Cold Outside" the Kurt & Blaine version. A.k.a. the Johnny's of Glee.

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I googled "members of kanjani8"

Because I was having a mental block when trying to list their names.

This is what Google gave me as the answer:

Sorry, Yasuda.

Google Translate

Anyone who follows yamppi should know that I Google Translate everything. With the addition of a smattering of "I heard that in a drama" and high school English.

Just thought it was interesting how the app chooses to "translate" the names of the guys in Johnny's WEST.

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